• High Scores:
    GMAX was founded to serve the needs of serious college and graduate students who want to assure themselves of the highest level of preparation for American examinations, required for college entrance almost everywhere in the world. Our philosophy is simple: teach each concept from the beginning, so that each student has a complete background, and then propel the student forward until surpassing the level of the test questions he or she will encounter.
  • Small Classes – just you!:
    Because GMAX is a private school, with only a limited number of students per class, we have experience teaching to small groups and individuals. We therefore created the online course with only one student in mind: you – the online student. Each student evaluates his progress three times during the course with professional adaptive GMAT tests.
  • Amazing Teachers:
    The teachers who prepare our students are carefully chosen both for their knowledge of the subject matter and for their ability to teach students successfully and in an interesting manner. The student constantly benefits from our detailed and careful approach to each lesson. You, the online student, have the advantage of taking every lesson an average of three times. In addition, there is absolutely no time limit for taking the course.
  • Lots of Practice:
    Students are given ample homework assignments: the typical student does at least two hours per day of homework preparation. Most students find that the teachers are so thorough that they need no additional explanations. However, help is available at minimal charge, if needed.
  • GMAX Equals Excellence:
    Each student is unique, and has specific strengths and weaknesses. By creating an entire course devoted expressly to teaching students with different backgrounds, GMAX has become synonymous with excellence.
  • For International Students:
  • GMAX Courses are on the Highest International Level:
    The GMAX courses are on an international level, and taught only by native English speakers. The courses are given in the English language, to provide all students with experience in thinking, speaking and answering questions in English.
  • GMAX Uses only Professional Study Materials:
    The classes use professional American material, most of which is otherwise available only to American students. The results of this approach have been amazing! The consistently high test scores of GMAX students from all over the world attest to this fact.