GMAX Study tips:
  • Our GMAX philosophy

    Succeeding on the GMAT® is a difficult task.

    Many people, unfortunately, take the test several times, each time trying to prepare more carefully than the last.

    At GMAX, we have a different philosophy: do it once and do it well.

    We think that you should prepare for the GMAT® seriously and intensively and give yourself enough time to learn the material, and only then take the test.
    In effect, your MBA studies begin here! 

    GMAX wishes you the best of luck.
    Enjoy your studies.

  • daily study schedule

    Prepare a daily study schedule for each week in advance. Stick to it.

    -  Designate a time to take each lesson: on average, 2 hours each. 

    Designate a study period after each lesson: 2 to 3 hours is about right.

    Set times for breaks, so that you do not “burn out.” Generally, after 2 hours of study, take a 15 minute break. Be sure to exercise your neck, and also to move around.

  • The Study System
    used by most 700+ GMAX students:
    • During the lesson:
      Take good notes during the lessons, pausing or going backward as needed (something you cannot do in a live classroom!).

      Solve each problem completely before the teacher discusses it, pausing the lesson as necessary.

      Be sure you understand the explanation clearly. If not, review it immediately.
    • During the study period after the lesson:
      Review the entire lesson, redoing the problems shown in class, until you have learned the material.

      If necessary, rewrite your notes for easier reference later.

      Begin the homework, doing 10 to 15 exercises at a time.

      Check the answers to the homework, using  / or /, but do not write down the correct answers yet.

      Redo the problems you got wrong.

      Check each answer separately, and if your 2nd answer was also wrong, write down the correct answer now. Do not read the explanations yet.

      Study the problem again, noting the correct answer. Try to see why the answer is correct, and your answers were wrong.

      Check the explanation, deciding whether your own reasons were correct.

      Read and study (take notes as needed) all the explanations, even the ones for the problems you originally did correctly